Lore Pinky

Pinky got its name from when it first arrived on Earth. It crash landed in the vibrant pink-hued neon of a red-light district. Space Cyclop's camouflage themselves to blend in, so what better color than hot-blush for such a seedy place?

For reasons unknown, Pinky hates crabs (of the aquatic kind), but no one quite knows why.

It usually spends its time these days as a hardworking mascot, doing what it can to help out at X-Plus.

Lore Pinky

Having landed in a particularly lush jungle, it adopted the name for itself, along with the protective, natural camouflage.

While a bit of a show off, it does so in good cheer and is always kind to others.

Having landed in a jungle when it first arrived, it is most certainly an adventurous, outdoors-y type, and is particularly comfortable when camping alone.

Lore Pinky

An ocean blue-colored Cyclop that landed in the Okinawan sea.

A nature lover, while it is somewhat slow-paced and introverted, it is earnest, firm and very reliable.

Its favorite food is pineapple flavored chinsuko, an Okinawan shortbread. It secretly dreams of appearing in a monster movie.

Lore Pinky

Corny got its particular coloration from when it flew into a cornfield in Hokkaido and ate as much of the delicious crop as it could.

Corny longed for the city and eventually found itself in Osaka. The city was so noisy that its eyes turned into a menacing stare to ward off any obnoxious people. A shame that its eyes lost its beautiful blue tones.

A bit of a fashionista, Corny wishes that it could open a store in Ame-mura, a bustling American themed shopping hub of Osaka.

Lore Pinky

Toxic fell into some hazardous waste when it first arrived on Earth. The goop ended up turning Toxic a rich purple color, like the waste it was dunked in.

While maybe unrelated (or not given the name), this Cyclop has a very brash and outspoken temperament. On top of that, it loves video games, particularly competitive FPS ones.

Jungle regularly invites Toxic to go camping, but Toxic doesn’t really enjoy all that nature stuff.

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