Buying process

If you already have an activated WAX Cloud Wallet, we recommend to login to your wallet on our e-commerce page first before purchasing your items so you can skip a step later:

Wax wallet login button

You’ll see a login popup window like this:

Wax login popup


You’ll be forwarded to in order to provide your login credentials.

After logging in, you’ll receive another prompt with a request from our website to get access to your wallet’s name which is required for further transactions.

Wax login transaction popup

After successful login, you should see your wallet name in the top bar where the WAX-login button was:

Logged in wax wallet

Go to our e-commerce page ( and scroll down until you see the “BUY NOW” button and click on it:

Scroll to the buy now button

You’ll see our shop page from where you can choose the packs that you wish to buy:

Pick a pack

Adjust the quantity accordingly to how many packs you wish to buy and click on the “ADD TO CART” button:

Buy pack button

After you selected all items that you wish to buy, click on the cart icon at the top right on the e-commerce page:

Cart button

You’ll see a summary of your cart:

Cart summary

If everything looks alright, please click on the “CHECKOUT” button at the bottom.

The next step is to pay your checked out items by either using your PayPal account or your credit card.

Once you've finished the payment, you’ll see the order page (note the promotion code):

Purchase result view and promotion code


In case you keep seeing "pending" instead of the actual code, please wait a few minutes and then re-open this page one more time via the link in your order confirmation e-mail. The process of requesting a promotion code can take up to a few minutes. If you still can't receive a code, please contact us via the support link and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you’ve already logged in to your WAX Cloud Wallet
, the order page may look slightly different, and you can skip the next step.
The Space Cyclop digital trading card packs you bought will be automatically transferred to your WAX Cloud Wallet that is logged in.

If you don’t have a WAX Cloud Wallet yet, please keep the order page open and continue with “How to set up your WAX Cloud Wallet”.


If you already have a WAX Cloud Wallet but haven’t logged in to your wallet yet, you’ll have to enter your WAX Cloud Wallet name into the redemption input field and redeem your packs manually.

The Space Cyclop digital trading card packs you bought will be automatically transferred to the WAX Cloud Wallet accordingly to the entered wallet name in the redemption field.

Congratulations, you have your first X PLUS TOYS NFTs!