During the redemption period, you'll find a "Redeem" button on the main page.
Click on the "Redeem" button to open the redemption page.

Physical reward redemption how to 01

There you'll see a form in which you have to enter your name, email, WAX Wallet address and the IDs of the NFTs you wish to redeem.

You can find the IDs of an NFT by opening AtomicHub in a new tab, make sure that you are logged in to your WAX cloud wallet and open your inventory by clicking on your wallet address at the top right to open the dropdown and click on "Inventory".

The next step is to find the NFTs that you want to redeem.
If you click on your NFT it'll open a details page of the same NFT.
At the top left of the page you will see the NFT name and below its ID as shown in the screenshot below:

AtomicHub NFT details

After you filled the form out and sent it, you'll receive an email.

In this email you'll find further instructions. You'll have to click on the link provided in the email to approve the transaction.

This transaction is required so you can receive the "redeemed" version of your NFTs that you are going to use for redemption. The mint number of the redeemed version will match the mint number of your original card.

After you've confirmed the transaction, please give us up to 48 hours to confirm everything is alright. If there was no issue, you'll receive another email in which you will find one more link that will send you to the shipping confirmation page in which you'll have to enter the address to which your physical rewards should be sent.
On the same page you'll be able to pay for the shipping as well and with that the entire process will be finished.

After that we'll prepare the package and send it to the registered address as soon as possible, usually within the 5-10 business days.

スペシャルリワードとの引き換え期間中は、メインページに「REDEEM NOW」のボタンが表示されます。

引き換えをご希望の方は「REDEEM NOW」のボタンをクリックし、専用フォームに必要情報の記載をお願い致します。※NFTのIDはWAXクラウドウォレットの「NFTs」で確認できます。