If you've bought packs without being logged in to your WAX Cloud Wallet, you can still get your packs sent to your wallet.

First, look for your order confirmation email that should have been sent after purchasing your packs.

Order confirmation mail

If you click the "View your order" button, you'll be sent to the order confirmation page.

Order confirmation page


You'll see the "Wax Wallet" input field if the items from that order haven't been transferred to your WAX Cloud Wallet yet.

Here you can enter the name of your WAX Cloud Wallet which ends in ".wam" in the "Wax Wallet" input field and click on the "Redeem" button to get your packs.

This process may take a few minutes so please check regularly to see if the items have been transferred to your wallet.

If you're still running in to any issues, please contact our customer support and we'll try to help you out as soon as possible!